Our mission is to protect you against digital threats and make your security our top priority.

Our cybersecurity services encompass your entire IT environment, ensuring that all your critical data and assets are fully protected. This protection extends from your email inboxes, desktops and IT infrastructure, to your cloud services and, most importantly, to the key individuals in your organization – your employees. At GC Brieau, we’re deeply convinced that many small and medium-sized businesses in Quebec have yet to take cybersecurity seriously. With this in mind, we’re forging a tailor-made proposal based on a recognized security framework, designed specifically to strengthen the protection of SMEs.





Security for workstations
and infrastructures

Security and tenant

Phishing campaign
and user awareness


Microsoft Service
Managed Sentinel

State-of-the-art, CIS-compliant security

At GC Brieau, we’re committed to providing robust cybersecurity that meets the highest standards. Our approach is based on the Center for Internet Security (CIS) security framework, which establishes essential security controls to effectively protect your IT systems.

Protect against emerging threats: our use of the CIS framework enables us to adapt quickly to new cyber threats, offering proactive protection against sophisticated attacks. Basic security controls are meticulously implemented to identify, prevent and counter security risks.

Continuously updated for
maximum immunity

Regular workstation updates are at the heart of our defense strategy. We ensure maximum immunity by applying the latest security patches, guaranteeing that your systems are constantly reinforced against known exploits. At GC Brieau, we understand that cybersecurity is a never-ending race, which is why we are committed to keeping your defenses constantly up to date.

Active Vulnerability

Our proactive approach to vulnerability management gives you peace of mind. We actively identify and correct weaknesses in your systems, reducing the risk of exploitation by malicious actors. With GC Brieau, your data security is our top priority.

Focus on the main
attack vectors

We understand that e-mail and workstations are the main vectors of attack. That’s why our cybersecurity services are specifically designed to strengthen these critical entry points. From advanced anti-phishing filters to endpoint intrusion detection mechanisms, we offer comprehensive protection against targeted threats.

Committed to

Transparency is at the heart of our relationship with our customers. We believe in open and honest communication. With our services, you’ll have full visibility of updates made, vulnerabilities remediated, and security measures in place, reinforcing trust in our partnership.

Choose GC Brieau for world-class cybersecurity that evolves with threats, protects your critical assets, and ensures total peace of mind. Contact us today to strengthen your digital defense.


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